Six Routes that you can Look at to Finance your Internship Abroad

By Aniket Singh (Apple Inc, IIT Madras, Author of “Intern Abroad This Summer”)

You have just received the good news that the professor is willing to take you in – Congrats! A life-changing experience awaits you. However, while you bask in the happiness of getting the internship, you will need to think practically as well. With the cost of visa, air tickets, insurance, and living costs, foreign internships can be expensive.  But, you do not need to pay for everything out of your own pockets. Here is how you can find funding for your internship:


Approach your professor/internship employer: Now is the time to be forthright and ask for a financial cover, if the acceptance mail does not explicitly mention the same. If you are able to secure funding, you may be covered for your travel, visa, accommodation – making your internship that much more feasible.

The University of Southern California, The Smithsonian Institution Postdoctoral Researcher Fellowship programme, University of Lausanne, etc offer stipends to interns. A number of companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc, provide paid internship programmes which will cover most of your living expenses there.

University grants: Check with your university if they provide grants for foreign internships. Some universities have grants set aside for research work.

Scholarships: There are a few organisations which offer grants for interns:

  • The S.N Bose Scholars Programme: A partnership between Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and WINStep Forward, USA, the programme offers scholarships for 50 Indian and US students to conduct to take up summer internships at partner Universities in the U.S. for a period of 10-12 weeks. The scholarship includes a stipend of USD 2000, health insurance and airfare.
  • The India-Korea Research Internship: The DST and National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) have also jointly set up scholarships for internships for scientists and researchers from the two countries. The scholarship will include research expenses, air-fare, living expenses and local travel.
    DAAD: The German Academic Exchange Service offers internship scholarships to for higher education and research institutes in Germany:;
  • Campus France’s Charpak Scholarship program: Designed for Engineering, Science and Economics students at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, Campus France’s Charpak Scholarship programme is aimed at those students who wish to pursue their internship at French Institutions during their academic break (May to July). The internship offers a monthly stipend of Eur 310, free student visa, medical insurance coverage and assistance to find affordable student accommodation.
  • The Ravi Sankaran Organization: The organization offers scholarships for internships of 6 weeks to 1 year with a university research group, NGO, government agency, or other organisation, known for its work in conservation science in a country other than India:

Part-time work: While your internship may take up most of your time, you can also earn extra money through taking up a part-time work. This is also a great way of learning more about the local culture, language and their work environment. Just make sure that it does not hamper your internship work.

Approach alumni: If you have an alumni association which is active in your college, try approaching them to see if someone can help you out.

Crowd funding: In case you are finding it difficult to come up with the required resources, you can also check the numerous crowdfunding websites that are available. If you are able to convince people to donate to your cause (which in this case is your internship), you may be able to gather some funds to finance aspects such as your travel and visa. Wishberry (creative), Crowdera, Impactguru, ketto, are some sites you can try.

About the author:


Aniket Singh works for Apple Inc. in California, United States. He is also the author of “Intern Abroad This Summer”.

Aniket holds a BTech degree in Electrical Engineering from the IIT, Madras, Chennai, and a Master’s degree in Wireless Systems from Politecnico Di Torino in Torino, Italy. He has interned at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom and Ecole Polytechnic Federale de Lausanne in Lausanne, Switzerland during this studies.

Visit him at Aniket Singh .

Check out his book at Intern Abroad This Summer


Benefits Of Taking The IELTS Test – Get Training From IELTS Coaching Center In Ludhiana

Are you thinking about which exam to take that will help in the determination of your English level? Then think no further. It is true that there are numerous examinations you can choose from but the best choice is the IELTS test. Nowadays you cannot deny the growing popularity of this exam. From multiple countries, throngs of people have applied or are still applying for this exam. Despite being considered as a challenging test, there is never a dearth of candidates.

TVSCAREERSSome advantages

IELTS is one of the common tests for assessment of English skills and is extensively accepted all over the world. IELTS coaching center in Ludhiana can provide you strategies which will help you in obtaining a high score. Some of the advantages of taking this exam are stated below.

•    Practical perspective

If you are successful in the IELTS exam, then you will be able to apply for admission in any of the international universities or colleges of the world. You can even apply to any of the professional organizations or immigration authorities because they are the ones who require the results of English Language test.

•    Widely recognized

A vast majority of the countries accept the certificates of IELTS as proof of English Language proficiency. They are recognized globally because of their stringent quality control criteria which their questions are required to maintain. The international reputation makes it possible for the scores to be accepted for professional, educational as well as immigration purposes.

•    Prepares you for practical life situations

The test is designed in such a way so that the different skills in the English Language are evaluated. Live interaction with the reviewer will help you prepare for the real-life conditions. Such situations may arise such as striking up a conversation with your international coworkers, your clients in the professional sector or talking to the immigration officials during your vacation abroad. IELTS institute in Ludhiana will update you on every fact and will provide you with top quality services.

•    Accurate assessment

These exams have to meet rigorous standards, and the reviewers take resort to strict measures while evaluating the answer scripts. You can be assured that the results genuinely throw light on your level of the language. You will obtain a band score for each level assessed. Though no restrictions are imposed on the number of attempts that can be made at this exam but if you have a low score, then it is better to repeat the exam. Since the band system is used all over the world, so the results are considered to have an element of consistency.

Check out with ex-students

For purposes of training, the importance of a trustworthy coaching center can never be undermined. Undoubtedly, students who are taking training at these centers tend to fare well than the students who are studying without professional guidance. You can browse the net for the names of some coaching institutes. You should inquire about their success ratio. You can also get feedback from students who are presently studying in the institute. You should even get in touch with some of the students who had studied there in the past. Some of the centers have arrangements for mock sessions. You should make it a point to attend the demo classes. These classes will help you in the decision making process.









Many Advantages of Enrolling in a Digital Marketing Course

Having a business is everyone’s dream, but running it is a challenging job. Today’s business competition is getting tighter as the advent of the internet and technological developments have brought modern business to the threshold where high-level competition. Businessman need special techniques and knowledge in promoting business based on digital technology. If you are a new businessman then you need special guidance by professionals. By having a professional marketer companion is expected to devise an ingenious strategy. You can get special mentors in running business only in digital marketing courses London.

I admit that an online marketing expert is needed by all business people, whether new businessman or old players. A businessman must be creative in many ways, but creativity is not the main thing that determines the success of running a business. There are various other aspects that need to be mastered, namely the businessman must be able to start with the right to reach consumers in a cost-effective way. To do that all businessman must be highly qualified in terms of digital-based marketing. To be a reliable businessman in accordance with technological developments, then they must take a special education or course on online marketing subject.

The application of online marketing techniques requires special guidance to be implemented efficiently enough to reach potential customers. It’s important to get potential customers to run the business for a long time. Basically online marketing is about promotion. You will get counselors in promoting brands, products, and services with the help of online media such as the internet. In addition, marketing is done by telephone, television, newspaper, magazine, etc. All of Businessman should have marketing skills with IT technology because that is the key for mastering the internet market.

If you already know the real benefits of having expertise in digital marketing, then Enrolling in a digital marketing course is a wise and profitable decision. These are some of the most profound benefits if you apply for digital marketing courses:

  • Get paid more than business competitors. The person who holds the accreditation of the digital marketing college uses skill and knowledge that have been studied and proven to be really capable of increasing income.
  • Helping professionals smarter in understanding the ever-changing industry algorithms. They also use various advertising tactics correctly to get maximum benefit.
  • Helping businessman about the Google work and other search engines work so they can run a business without a sense of worry for loss.

Everyone who desires to pursue a career in the online marketing industry must join a reliable digital marketing agency to master the online business field. The digital marketing course is very helpful to achieve the qualifications required to become a skilled professional. To become a reliable professional in online marketing, brand management, marketing management, and research, then enrolling online business courses in digital marketing courses London is a smart move.


The Monthly Activity Box For Kids

Does your child like something new? Every parent should have creative ideas to give to children. Having a child is not a burden, but the most beautiful gift in life. If you intend to improve your child’s creativity, cognitive, social, curiosity, subscribing to the monthly Activity Box For Kids will guide your child to achieve maximum intelligence according to their cognitive development.

Activity Box For Kids continues to grow in popularity. This amazing box surprises your mailbox every month. There are many activity boxes out there to choose from, the more available each day, it will be difficult to determine which one is right for you or your child. If you’re looking for the perfect educational subscription for your child or as a gift, consider subscribing to one of these boxes based on the following things:

Does your child love playing with the ground? If so, the monthly Activity Box For Kids subscription box is probably the perfect gift. Every month, your child will receive all the tools necessary to grow something new, such as organic soil, soft organic grains, leaves, and others that have all gone through some rigorous testing by expert of education and health for children. Children will receive more than a hundred different materials every month; they will never get the same twice. The magic box also teaches responsibility and sustainability. The more interesting is company provides free service for delivery. And, it is important to know that the toy material comes from non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMOs), making it 100% safe for children.

Activity boxes also provide past crate themes, but do not imagine that the material is something that is meaningless. These boxes are designed for children 8 to 12 years old and more interesting are created by certified and professional teachers. Themes in these past coffers include math mania, super human body, bridge the way, surviving the summer, and more. Your child will receive monthly challenges, another interesting thing is you will get a crate of the past, this stuff, including rare objects that are difficult to find on the internet.

Another magic box is a box that can be tailored to your child’s school needs. If your child looks very excited by going to school, interested in things for school, then you should respond to the stimulus by buying a magic box every month. Each customized box contains fun school supplies, reading books and different educational activities each month. All the parents will work hard to prepare all the interesting material to improve the child’s ability, through a monthly subscription at the child will get an activity box that will increase interest, talent, intelligence, reading and understanding skills in school.

Parents need to determine the subject and the child’s favorite field. You can also show other things like your favorite hobby and sports team. If there are certain school supplies that you do not need, in the next delivery, you have the option to include them as well. The most important is the attention and communication between parents and children about the need to improve achievement in school.

Does your child like culture and geography lessons? Almost all children aged 3 -12 years have the potential to like this material. We often refer to this box as “Little Passport” or you may find other terms in the activity box company in your area. This magical box will take your child on an adventure across the country or around the world with every box shipped. To further interest the child, the box may be designed like a suitcase. You can ask the company for that, because the concept of this learning is personalized learning, all materials can be tailored to the needs of children and cognitive development.


How To Find Dissertation Writing Help In UK

There are many students who when asked to handle dissertation writing always get stuck on their first go. It is a challenge that can easily be avoided but not to all. Generally speaking, handling term papers is a difficult task and students are asked to engage caution and keenness for quality work.

However, finding help has helped most graduates manage their master’s level by seeking advices and help from different sources. The very hardworking students only go extra miles to ask of the sources they can seek help on how to achieve the best dissertations and they are successful. Very many of them on the other side end up hiring writing services that consume a lot of their resources and at the end learn nothing from them.

In this writing, I will take you through some of the most convenient places you can find expert advice on dissertation writing help in UK.

Inquire From Friends

Most students tend to think that their colleagues know less about dissertations just because they hang out most of the time. In reality, they are the best sources you can rely on as you do not know of the time they take to study. Whoever you have started writing your dissertations and feel like you are stuck somewhere, you can always use your friends as the first places to seek advice on how to work through your dissertation.

Find The Best Service To Hire

Despite the fact that I do not strongly recommend hiring services, they can act as reference places where students can get help about their dissertations. By this I do not mean that they should entirely ask a writing service to handle their projects, instead, they should be in a position to ask for help on the stages they are stuck on. This is because most writing services have experts working for them and charge for inquiry services in case you are not hiring them to work on your dissertation.

Choose The Best Topic To Work On

Another main concern to come up with the best thesis possible is to come up with a reasonable topic that is workable. Choosing a complicated topic does not make you a star in dissertation n writing hence you can find help in yourself if you train yourself in identifying the main themes in topics you have chosen to write about.

Gather Reference Materials And Tools

While writing could be a hard task, the reference materials or where you source you information matters most. You can always consider rechecking the sample research papers you have gathered or revisiting the site that contributed in giving certain information related to your dissertation project.

Set Specific Time To Handle Your Dissertation

Finally, as a way of finding help, you can’t wake up and decide that you want to start writing a dissertation. Dissertation writing help in UK could be the solution but all you need is to have proper planning that will enable you to set your mind for the task of working on your dissertation paper.

Working and Buying Graphic Design Services in Market Place

The viewpoint of beauty is very diverse. What one thinks beautiful can be very disgusting to others because beauty is a very subjective thing. If you are a designer, then this problem is a challenge, because it looks complicated. A designer must be able to create works that are considered beautiful by everyone. This is where the ingenuity of the designers. They have to create designs that appeal to most people and they are almost never boring to others. One type of design that requires a very high creativity is graphic design; if you are looking for graphic design services then you must find a professional who understand your desires.

The diversity of beauty points of view also affects the world of graphic design. There are two principles in making graphic design; they are graphic arts that appeal to the senses and meaningful messages. Graphic designers are needed in the business world, their role is very important in increasing business profits. Creating graphic design work that is able to attract consumers is very challenging, consumers will tend to pay attention to the look of an attractive ad before buying the product, and exciting performance can only be done by the best graphic designers.

Graphic design has an important role in the world of marketing, so there are so many growing markets on the internet that offer services in making graphic design, if you are looking for graphic design services, you need to see some market place on the internet. The market place of graphic design services provides full service in creating some of the most innovative designs for clients from all over the world. Most graphic design clients come from big companies; usually they order logo design, print design, brochure design, web design, and others.

If you want to get into this field then there are some basic skills you should master, such as expertise in copywriting, familiar with print and digital media, creating brand identity, photography, art direction, packaging designing, web development, electronic marketing, and others. With various capabilities, it is expected that designers must provide outstanding graphic design services. There are many ways to market your skills; you can sign up in various market places that specifically provide a place for designers and buyers, one of them is

If you have the ability in graphic design then it is a profitable thing. You can work in a reputable graphic design company, or you can sell your skills privately in various market places on the internet. Maybe you can learn many kinds of graphic designs most sought after by companies or personal buyers such as web design, calendar design, advertisement design, magazine design, poster design, advertisement design, cover designs for facebook and twitter, t shirt design. Most importantly, you must be at the forefront of changing media environments, and open to all client desires in the design industry in various businesses.



Tips for Researchers on How to Improve Promotion and Visibility of their Work

If you have just finished an important research work, you would want to get it out there and reach out as many people as you can who may be impacted by your findings. It is not enough that you get your work published in well-respected journals. While it is such prestige to be included in their featured works, you have to remember that the reach of these journals often only extends within the academia. If impact is what you are looking for, then you will need to find other platforms that will allow you to accomplish that.

Discuss science that is relevant to you

 If you want to get your research promoted on platforms such as the social media, you will want to keep your audience up to date when it comes to the science that your work involves. You can make presentations about how the science is performed. Updates and videos on certain projects especially progressing ones usually help. Making sure that you will also include the positive impact that the science you do is going to have to society.

Maximise social media

 With most people being on social media these days, it makes sense that you will establish your presence on these platforms too. Marketing your research is going to be most effective when you will maximise social media. When people tweet or share or comment on your research work, it is very likely that its percentage of getting cited will increase as well. Make the most of your followers and get the word out there of the work that you have just released.

Video-blogging might work too

 Another way of promoting your research work is to create short videos. The content should be relevant to the world that you do and at the same time, should include interesting features such as animations. Instead of just a normal write-up, you can choose to get your work promoted through an interesting video. You’ll find how easier it is to get more attention to your work when you have interesting videos to support it.

Blog about it

 The problem with research work is that it is hardly something that the ordinary member of the public will be interested in reading. From jargon to complicated terms, many people would not really be motivated to read it or find out what it is about. This is the reason why the gap between researchers and the public should be bridged so more people will not only have access to documents that otherwise would only have been accessible to members of the academe, but also to make them easier to understand by the rest of the public.

If you have taken steps to get your paper promoted, you would want to monitor how things are going as well. You will want to see how effective or not are the steps that you have taken so you can also make the necessary changes in the event that you are not really getting the kind of results you expected. Learn more about the importance of getting your research work more accessible to the general public by reading about Research Features Magazine online.